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LOKO project

LOKO AI is a low-code platform that allows you to create artificial intelligence applications quickly and easily for your business processes.

It’s not only about automation, it’s about making your automated processes smarter.
By using ML and NLP techniques, LOKO AI can extract data from structured and unstructured sources.

Make your idea a Project

Create your project, drag and drop the components on the tab. To configure them, click and select your settings.

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Create your predictive model in just a few steps

Predictor is our ML-based component. To realize predictive models, choose between Base, Advanced or Manual mode, according to your ability to set parameters.

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Play and AI

Choose and link the components, then play your AI workflow. In the middle, you just have to set your parameters (that means, what do you want the components to do?) and LOKO AI will do the rest.

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How does it work?

The tool is based on the DS4Biz framework - Live Tech’s property - and its AI microservices.
Realize your own AI project working on multiple workflows: thanks to a drag and drop approach, you can rapidly create and manage a workflow that can be exported in any format on any other platform or service.

LOKO AI can be integrated with third-party cloud computing services, such as AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and offers the possibility to share your project with multiple users simultaneously.

How LOKO works

See what’s inside

Low-code is better.

  • All the code you need is in a handful of blocks
  • Build your AI application connecting drag and drop blocks in a workflow
  • The platform fits your experience: whether you are an unexperienced or advanced user, you'll be able to use all the technologies

AI Power yourself with our no-brainer tool

Simple-to-use, team-centric, fully automated

Overwhelmed by data?

Import them from any format

Keep calm and run LOKO

The low-code AI solution to your problems

Reports are a piece of cake

Ready to share after one click

LOKO doesn’t lock you in

LOKO doesn’t lock you in

Its flexibility allows you to export, at any time and in any format, your data, workflows and applications built with LOKO, with no limits.

Take your stuff and make it run everywhere, on every other platform: we’re not jealous, so technological lock-in won’t be your problem.

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LOKO works for you

AI should not be reserved for a happy few only. LOKO makes AI accessible to everyone!

Business Leaders

Deliver AI projects to grow fast

Data Scientists

Get your predictive model with results and graphs in a very short time


Spend less time on recurring, low-value tasks


The time to feel powerful has come


LOKO is loading...

Finally the Beta version of LOKO AI is on its way, less and less is missing.
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