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LOKO AI received Honorable Mention in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services.

LOKO AI received Honorable Mention in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services. Read the article

Build workflows using
LOKO AI’s Drag & Drop
No-Code and Low-Code interface

Write new AI code, with a Pro-Code approach, in any programming languages

Import your or third parties’ code from Git

Export containerized projects to any DevOps platforms

Enhance productivity,
remove frictions

Efficiency for

Autonomy for

LOKO AI is democratic.

Everyone can play a key role in building effective and industry-ready ML modules.

Data Scientists

Speed up AI development by focusing on value-added DSML activities, avoiding repetitive tasks.

SW Engineers

Develop AI projects easily accessing Data Science and Machine Learning features.

Our customers and partners

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Create, share, and reuse your AI code

Autonomously create AI modules, workflows and applications

See what’s inside

Shorten your time-to-production.

  • Autonomously create AI workflows connecting drag and drop blocks
  • Build consistent auto-generated AI code or customize it, based on your needs
  • Get AI up and running integrating apps (through APIs or export) into your production environment

Why LOKO, in numbers

Speed-up of project deployment on heterogeneous environments


Containerization ensures flexibility and full control on deployment infrastructure

Time on prototyping


Use, share and reuse code in blocks to design your applications

Faster ML model selection


Create your ML model rapidly with AutoML and Predictor, our full-ML component


*Based on internal evaluation on real business projects

LOKO AI is a safe
and smart business choice

We want you to best integrate AI into your business processes, saving time and resources, and focusing on generating value. With no disruption.
LOKO AI is extensible. You can develop AI code from scratch or import and integrate existing code.
LOKO AI is exportable. You can transparently export all the code you have developed with LOKO AI and deploy it wherever you want, and vendor lock-in will never be your problem anymore.

Just one step

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